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Preventive Care & Vaccines
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

"The most important thing that you can do to maintain good physical and mental health and to assure yourself of equal opportunity in the future is to stay in school and get an education."

-- Statement from the Section on Public Health and Preventive Medicine, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

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Preventive care is a critical aspect of overall health. Regular health screenings, vaccinations, and other measures help identify early health issues and strengthen community health. Early care and preventative measures can be the key to reducing the risk of chronic conditions and long-term illnesses. However, millions of teens worldwide do not have access to proper healthcare, and preventive care is often inaccessible in places that lack adequate healthcare resources. 

We can work together to raise awareness and decrease the rates of disease and chronic illness through appropriate preventive care and vaccines, helping not just teen health but community health. 


The College of Physicians of Philadelphia offers resources drawing upon healthcare professionals in the field to help teens better understand their personal health and development. For more information, including facts and figures, and ideas on how to raise awareness about issues related to teen health, feel free to contact us at

Vaccine Investigators

Did you know immunization helps prevent up to 3 million deaths worldwide? Despite the significant contributions of vaccines to our health, the internet is a haven for misconceptions and downright myths about vaccines. In this lesson, students investigate various statements about vaccines and use their critical thinking skills to separate vaccine fact from fiction. 


PA Standards Met: 10.2.9.A, 10.2.9.C, 10.2.9.D, 10.2.12.A

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