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Acknowledging the organizations that help make TEEN HEALTH WEEK℠ a reality

Due to ongoing health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Teen Health Week℠ 2021 will be completely virtual! You can stay involved by following the Mütter Museum's Instagram, @MutterMuseum and the official Teen Health Week℠ Instagram, @TeenHealthWeek.


We hope you can use our resources and lessons as inspiration for virtual programs to promote the themes of Teen Health Week℠


TEEN HEALTH WEEK ℠ is made possible through the generous contributions of our sponsors.  To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact us ( 


Monetary donations help support TEEN HEALTH WEEK ℠ activities and services, including providing refereshments for local events and celebrations, spirit wear and other promotional materials, and transportation for students and advocates to attend related events during the week. Sponsors can also provide material donations (spirit wear, refreshments, etc.).  All sponsors will receive recognition in printed materials, on spirit wear, and in all online promotional efforts. Your contributions are instrumental in advancing the goals of TEEN HEALTH WEEK ℠. 

Disclaimer: The support from sponsors is in the form of unrestricted charitable grants which are specifically premised on community support/educational activities, and not on any representation, commitment, or quid pro quo express or implied, to influence the sale or use of any product.

Spread the word!

 Follow TEEN HEALTH WEEK℠ (@teenhealthweek) on Instagram for information on teen health related issues and events!


Remember to share the hashtag #TeenHealthWeek  

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