The Mütter Museum will reopen to the public on January 15, 2021!
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Uncover what it means to be human this Giving Tüesday.

The Museum's online exhibition, Memento Mütter is a rare glimpse into our collection, showcasing objects that are on display in the Museum and others that are in storage and not accessible to visitors. Just as memento mori invited the viewer to reflect on mortality, Memento Mütter stimulates reflection on the diversity of the human bodily experience and our attempts to understand our physical selves.


We invite you to zoom in, get 360-degree views, and share with your friends. You can always count on us to keep you disturbingly informed; online and in-person. 

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FAST FORWARD TO 2021 with us...

Donations of $30 and over will receive a complimentary Memento Mütter calendar in honor of Giving Tüesday! Your donation supports our beloved staff, award-winning exhibitions, and allows us to continue to provide online events to followers like yourself around the world. 


Please let us know if your shipping address differs from your billing address in the comments section of the form. Thank you! 

Memento Mütter was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Grant MA-10-14-0496-14. The views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this online exhibition do not necessarily represent those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

A Virtual Tour of the Mütter Museum