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College Minutes - Yellow Fever
Fellows of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
In 1787, 24 physicians made the College what it was. In 2020, thousands of physicians make the College what it is.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia was founded in 1787 and is the oldest medical organization in the United States.


The mission of the College is to advance the cause of health while upholding the ideals and heritage of medicine. It has always been a meeting place where physicians and healthcare providers could gather and discuss their concerns, learn the latest advances in medicine and address the public health issues in the community. A commitment to education has been an important part of the College’s identity, as demonstrated by the Mütter Museum collection, the Center for Education, and the College’s Historical Medical Library, which in the past was an important regional library and is now an historical medical library of international importance.


Historically, healthcare was thought of as the domain of physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. Today, healthcare involves a multidisciplinary approach that requires a wide range of individuals with different skills and backgrounds. The College is interested in attracting these noteworthy individuals for Fellowship who deserve to be recognized for their contributions to patient care, to the health of the community, to the advancement of medical and healthcare knowledge, to the education of medical and healthcare personnel, or to other activities that support and facilitate the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare. These individuals should be interested in working with the College to advance the College’s mission, and they should reflect the diversity of the community within which the College is situated and which it serves. The main requirements for Fellowship are that an individual be involved in some aspect of healthcare as stated above, be respected by others in their profession, and be of a high moral character.

For further information, please contact the Fellowship Office at 215-399-2333.

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College Night May 2018 Fellow Inductees
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