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Mütter Museum Education & Lessons
Students take part in disturbingly informative lessons.

The Mütter Museum is dedicated to improving the health of the public through its education programs, services, and resources.


Educational programs and lessons are available as part of field trips or in the classroom! See below for a list of some of what we offer. To find out more and to book a tour or lesson, visit The Mütter Museum website.

Museum Education

Group Tours

The Mütter Museum offers group tours led by experienced tour guides. A visit to the Museum offers a unique environment for students to learn about health and medicine. 


Mütter Lessons 

In addition to a guided tour, you can enhance your group's visit with one of our thematic lessons. Lessons last 45 minutes and are designed to fulfill Pennsylvania state educational standards. All lessons take place onsite in The College of Physicians of Philadelphia's Koop Education Center and are led by an experienced museum educator. 

Bring the Mütter Museum To You

Can't visit The Mütter Museum? We have you covered with several options for off-site lessons you can bring into your classroom or home.


Mütter on the Road

Our Museum Educator can travel to your classroom to teach a Mütter Lesson. Lessons feature specimens from the Museum, as well as hands-on materials. 


Memento Mütter

Uncover what it means to be human by exploring disturbingly informative items from the Mütter collection at home or on the road with our digital Memento Mütter exhibit. Enhance your classroom with primary sources and lesson plans. All lessons are designed to fulfill state educational standards.