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Consistent with the newest guidelines from the City of Philadelphia, masks are no longer required, but recommended during your visit.

Become a Fellow

Three people speaking outdoors in a garden
Three people speaking outdoors in a garden

Preserve medical history; inspire medical futures

Founded in 1787, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is the oldest medical institution of its kind in the United States. The College’s bylaws were, in fact, used in part by the American Medical Association for its own bylaws at its inception.

What are the benefits of Fellowship?

There are many benefits of College Fellowship, however, the most important reward of Fellowship is priceless. The feeling of belonging to an organization that since its beginning has worked for improving medical education, scientific medicine, and the public’s health; the feeling as you enter our magnificent building–your building–and knowing you are a part of Philadelphia’s and the nation’s finest and brightest physicians. By joining and supporting the College, you will ensure its initiatives for the good of society, and your successors, for years to come. None of these are tangible benefits, yet they are the benefits that motivate individuals to strive to become Fellows of this venerable institution.

How do I become a Fellow?

  • The qualifications of Fellowship shall be at least one of the following:

    • One who has obtained a doctoral degree in medicine or in a discipline relating to medicine at least 5 years prior to election.
    • One who does not have a doctoral degree in medicine or a discipline relating to medicine, but is engaged in work that contributes to the advancement or understanding of medicine.
    • One who is well qualified to help serve the interests of the College.
    • One approved by the Committee on Nominations as a candidate for election to the Board.
    • A physician, scientist, or scholar of eminence who has made a significant contribution to medicine or to the understanding of medicine may be elected an Honorary Fellow on recommendation of the Committee on Awards.
    • In addition to the minimal qualifications described in this Article, the Board may prescribe additional qualifications by resolution.
    • Candidates for Fellowship are proposed by two current Fellows of the College (nominator and secondary sponsor).
    • Letters to support each nomination must be written by both the nominator and the secondary sponsor.
    • Candidates must submit a completed Fellowship Application form, a brief bio, and current curriculum vitae.
    • All materials must be sent to the attention of the Chair, Committee on Admissions, at the College's address. Nominators assume the responsibility of making sure that all materials are complete.
    • Candidates' credentials are evaluated by the Committee on Admissions. Upon approval, they are sent to the Executive Committee for review. Upon favorable review by the Executive Committee, the candidates are recommended to the Board for election to Fellowship.
    • Newly elected Fellows and their sponsors receive written notification of election results.


Contact Bridget Brennan at  or 215-399-2335 to learn more.

Fellowship Application

Nomination begins with sponsorship by two current Fellows. Applicants are asked to complete an application form with curriculum vitae and a brief bio. 


Please download the form below and return to:

Office of Advancement
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia
19 S 22nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19103-3097