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Consistent with the newest guidelines from the City of Philadelphia, masks are no longer required, but recommended during your visit.

New Fellows

Group of Fellows standing on a marble staircase
Group of Fellows standing on a marble staircase

Inducting New Fellows

College Night is held each year in May and November, and includes the formal induction ceremony of our new Fellows.

Join us for our next College Night

Friday, May 6, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Class of Fall 2021 Fellows

  • Cary B. Aarons, MD, MSEd, FCPP

  • DaCarla M. Albright, MD, FCPP 

  • Hugh Bonner, III, MD, FCPP 

  • John Bosso, MD, FCPP 

  • Oliver Brooks, MD, FCPP 

  • Arvind Cavale, MD, FACE, PCEO, FCPP 

  • Michael Cawley, PharmD, FCPP 

  • Rodrigo Cerda, MD, MPH, FCPP 

  • Tessa Cook, MD, PhD, FCPP 

  • Deborah Crabbe, BSE, MD, FCPP 

  • Anne de Papp, MD, FCPP 

  • Gerald DeVaughn, MD, FCPP 

  • Brian Englander, MD, FCPP 

  • Nathaniel Evans, III, MD, FCPP 

  • Greg Farwell, MD, FACS, FCPP 

  • Allen Glicksman, PhD, FCPP 

  • Joan Gluch, PhD, RDH, PHDHP, FCPP 

  • John Charles Greenwood, MD, FCPP 

  • Ronald Hall, MD, FCPP 

  • Nadia Haqqie, MD, FCPP 

  • Rebecka Hess, DVM, MSCE, FCPP 

  • Andrew Hoffman, DVM, DVSc, FCPP 

  • Sam Hostetter, MD, FCPP 

  • Pamela Huffman-DeVaughn, MD, FCPP 

  • Mira Irons, MD, FCPP 

  • Jim Kearney, MD, FCPP 

  • Folasade Kehinde, MD, FCPP 

  • Wayne Bond Lau, MD, FCPP 

  • Betsy Luo, MD, MPH, FCPP 

  • Stella Luo, MD, FCPP 

  • Anthony Mazzarelli, MD, JD, MBE, FCPP 

  • Kathleen Montone, MD, FCPP 

  • Deepa Nandiwada, MD, MS, FCPP 

  • Melissa O'Connor, PhD, MBA, RN, FGSA, FAAN, FCPP 

  • Najja Orr, MBA, FCPP 

  • Mark Oyama, DVM, MSCE, FCPP 

  • Mirza Rahman, MD, MPH, FCPP 

  • William Santoro, MD, FASAM, DABAM, FCPP 

  • Katherine Sherif, MD, FCPP 

  • Eileen Shore, PhD, FCPP 

  • Sosunmolu Shoyinka, MD, MBA, FCPP 

  • David Vaughn, MD, FCPP 

  • Patricia Wellenbach, BSN, FCPP 

  • Alliric Willis, MD, FCPP 

  • Hanna Zafar, MD, MHS, FCPP

Interested in nominating a colleague for Fellowship?

Contact Bridget Brennan at  or 215-399-2335 to learn more.