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Issue Briefs
"While patients suffering from opioid use disorder face multiple obstacles accessing treatment, including procedural barriers to obtaining buprenorphine, overdose fatalities continue to occur in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. In 2016, 907 people died from overdoses in Philadelphia, with over 80% of deaths involving opioids."
Section on Public Health and Preventive Medicine
College of Physicians of Philadelphia
"Despite the progress in increasing health insurance coverage for our citizens, many remain un or underinsured. The tragic suffering and premature death of uninsured people remains undebatable. Universal coverage remains a goal. As a public health community, we contend that the primary concern in the on-going healthcare financing debate should be providing insurance to all to mitigate the tragic progression of disease and loss of life that comes when individuals have no, or limited, health insurance."
James David Plumb, MD, MP
Co-Director, Center for Urban Health, Jefferson University; Vice Chair, Community Medicine; Professor, Family and Community Medicine