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Get Involved in Teen Health Week℠
Spread the word and show support for Teen Health Week℠

Due to ongoing health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Teen Health Week℠ 2021 will be completely virtual! You can stay involved by following the Mütter Museum's Instagram, @MutterMuseum and the official Teen Health Week℠ Instagram, @TeenHealthWeek.


We hope you can use our resources and lessons as inspiration for virtual programs to promote the themes of Teen Health Week℠

Interested in spreading the word on Teen Health Week but unsure where to start? There are many ways you can get involved. Whatever way you choose is entirely up to you!


We offer a variety of resources for individuals and organizations to plan events, promote social media campaigns, and raise awareness of Teen Health Week℠ in your community and abroad. Among our available Check our resources page for information devoted to teen health and our daily themes, logos and other promotional materials.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

How You Can Help


Here are just a few examples of easy ways that teens and their advocates can get involved:   

•                 Use the week to leverage relevant aspects of your organization’s mission.

•                 Share educational materials relevant to each day’s theme; check our Resources page for more information.

                 Facilitate virtual educational events through student clubs, public health 

                   organizations, medical practices; youth-focused groups.

                 Download and use our TEEN HEALTH WEEKlesson plans.

•                 Honor youth, professionals, and organizations who actively promote adolescent 


•                 Publish relevant articles / letters in local and regional press. For examples of past

                   articles, see our THW in the News page.

•                 Use social media to share relevant health messages and information, using the

                   hashtag #TeenHealthWeek.

                 Promote the use of TEEN HEALTH WEEK  colors for materials and spirit wear. Mint

                   green is the color of TEEN HEALTH WEEK℠ (RGB: 180, 221, 216; HEX: #b4ddd8).

                 Wear your support of TEEN HEALTH WEEK℠ by purchasing an official TEEN HEALTH

                   WEEK℠ 2020 tee.

•                 Ask community buildings/bridges to use mint green event lighting. 

•                 Ask regional/state/county governments to observe the week with a

                  Resolution/Proclamation (Here is an example from the American Medical


Host a Teen Health Week 2021 Event!


Organizations interested in hosting a Teen Health Week℠ event can fill out the survey below:

Spread the word!

Follow Teen Health Week (@teenhealthweek) on Instagram for information on teen health related issues and events! 


Remember to share the hashtag #TeenHealthWeek